(the other recipe in the video isKkaennip-jangajji)

卡肯内普(perilla leaves)是我最喜欢的蔬菜之一。They have a real good flavor,像薄荷,so they are used for so many Korean dishes.Whatever you make with卡肯内普,这将是一道珍贵的菜,因为你必须一片一片地照顾每一片叶子!味道好极了!Enjoy the flavor of each leaf while eating it with your rice!





  1. Wash and drain 135 grams (about 3 cups) of perilla leaves and put them into a basket.
    *tip: wash both sides of each leaf in running cold water and shake to drain waterwashing perilla leavesperilla leaves
  2. 下一步,let's make kimchi paste!
    Put these ingredients in a bowl and mix them together with spoon:
    4瓣蒜末,2个切碎的洋葱,1/4杯洋葱片,2汤匙胡萝卜切成火柴棍,3 tbs fish sauce,1 -2 tbs hot pepper flakes,1吨蜂蜜。


  1. 在叶子之间涂些浆糊。
    *tip: You don't need to put paste on every leave but every 2 leaves

Put thekimchiin a container and keep it in the refrigerator.

Serve with rice and sprinkle some roasted sesame seeds before serving.




  1. Saoirse Singapore 加入7/11 & has3 comments

    I like perilla leaf kimchi but I do not know where to get it in Singapore!:(

  2. XXKayayLax Fort St John Canada 加入11 / 08 & has4评论

    I have to grow my Perilla leaves :)

  3. 兰格罗弗 奥克拉荷马 joined 5/11 & has1评论

    좋은 레시피 올려주셔서 감사합니다!!
    올 여름에 깻잎 김치 담아보고 후기 올릴게요.^^

  4. miyo 俄勒冈州的波特兰 加入1/11 & has3 comments

    艾米丽I made fried perilla leaves last night!I cheated…used ready made vegetable pancake batter and deep fried them which took literally 5 seconds for each one.

    Mom actually adds batter and sun dries them,so she can store it until ready to fry.I made them for a dinner party last night and everyone LOVED the flavor.这是我的最爱之一。

    I plan on growing it myself this spring.

  5. Our kkaennip from the garden has been used for kalbi and bulgogi all summer.今晚应该会结冰,so I picked and picked…and picked the remaining leaves.I just made kkaennip jangajji for the first time.My Korean husband took one bite and said,“令人印象深刻!”哈,he didn't know a midwestern girl could make such great banchan.谢谢您!Can't wait to try more!!!!

  6. Kkaennip jangajji recipe would be the original way of making regular kkaennip right?If I want it more tastier do I put more soy sauce?

  7. mokpochica 密歇根 加入1 / 09 & has89评论

    I made both of these today after finding homegrown kkaennip at my Korean grocer.I had to improvise on the jangajji because I didn't have an apple (I added apple juice instead) and I forgot the green peppers.I love that flavor,so I'm disappointed to forget it,但是kkaennip的味道还是很好。I think it all turned out well.I'm waiting for hubby to get home to try them now.

  8. sirdanilot Terneuzen荷兰 加入10 / 09 & has25评论

    马昂迟!!我的花园里有两种紫苏植物。One has green leaves (like in the video),但其他的都很漂亮,紫色的叶子。Can I use the purple leaves for the Kkaennipp kimchi?或者我只能用绿色的……

    I bet purple kkaennip kimchi would have a very cool color!!but I don't want my kimchi to go bad because of the wrong type of plant.

    • 马池 纽约市 加入8 / 08 & has11,617 comments

      是的,purple kkaennip sounds good to me.做泡菜或泡菜。yummy!"I don't want my kimchi to go bad because of the wrong type of plant." Edible plants!宝贝!:)

      • usmc323 Wash DC/VA joined 4/13 & has2 comments

        The more the purple the better.Perilla contain 23% of the daily calcium and 43% of vitamin C in a 100mg serving.

        Also great steaped in water and drank as a tea.Great for stomach aches,balancing chi,防发炎,适合虫咬(直接涂树叶)。

  9. Magic of Spice 加利福尼亚 加入8/10 & has6评论

    I love these recipes,and the video presentation is just perfect.These are new dishes for me,but I love the flavors :) Alisha

  10. mamafishy 长岛纽约 加入8/10 & has1评论

    Thanks sooooo much for posting these recipes.It's at this time of the year,when my backyard is getting overgrown with giant Khaennip and Shiso plants,我真的开始担心怎么用光所有的树叶。Now I can keep these for a long time and I won't feel guilty.谢谢您!!!!!!!!

    • 马池 纽约市 加入8 / 08 & has11,617 comments


      That's cool you are growing kkaennip in your garden.我期待着今年能在我的博客上从这位女士那里购买大量的kkaennip。我得去法拉盛找她。今年)如果我找到她,我应该给她打个电话,以便将来参加一些kkaennip活动。:)

      Good luck with making delicious pickles or kimchi.

  11. 嘿,马昂迟,
    I absolutely love all of your food and i have made a bunch of stuff.这个菜谱看起来很棒,我真的想尝尝!!
    But what I wanted to know was what camera you use to take pictures of your food,because I love the quality and it makes the food look so delicious!
    Please get back to me.
    - Cole

  12. 食品风扇 加入7/10 & has2 comments

    嗨,马昂迟,thank you for all the great recipes.我做了很多菜,都做得很成功,如。泡菜,samgyetang,德多克miyuk guk,Ohjinguh Bokkeum,Naengmyeon珍妮…
    我终于弄到了一些紫苏籽,现在厨房里的花盆里种了10种植物。When I can harvest sufficient leaves,I will try making janggajji.I loved it,虽然我总是从罐头里吃。I really can't wait to try… I am sure homemade tastes better!
    I have also eaten perilla leaf pancakes at a korean friend's place,but she used the packet pancake mix.Can I also make them with normal homemade batter?Could you tell me the proportions?

    • 马池 纽约市 加入8 / 08 & has11,617 comments

      Congratulations on your successful perilla leaves growoing!Check what other people say about growing perilla leaves in their garden!

      "she used the packet pancake mix.Can I also make them with normal homemade batter?你能告诉我比例吗?”
      I never like the taste of pancake mix.??她做过紫苏叶煎饼吗?Anyway check my most recipe kimchi pancake recipe.You may have an idea from the recipe.//www.sonivek.com/recipe/kimchijeon

      • 嗨,马昂迟,感谢您的及时回复。
        My friend made perilla leaf pancakes by coating a single whole leaf with the batter and then into the pan to fry.
        And I have seen the kimchijeon recipe.真令人垂涎!唉,我手头没有泡菜,因为我和一个德国女孩共用我的冰箱,我尽量不要用泡菜味来压倒它…

  13. 谢谢您,THANK YOU very much for doing this video.i try explaining this to my friend but she dont understand me….now i can email her the link … hehhehehe


    thank you so much,i am looking forward to exploring your site and learning more how to cook korean!食物。

  14. 紫苏泡菜在冰箱里能保存多久?I grow my own perilla,in the yard and in the house.种子有什么用途吗?我正在我的植物上收集它们。I also use your perilla kimchi for an addition on sandwitch,pulled pork,hamburger ect.真的很好,Thanks for your work.

  15. 安东尼奥 & has1评论

    mangchi can you share with us how to cook that they so called "sadengi" with dulkekaru,

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